photo ©JonsarStudios2015

 photo ©JonsarStudios2015

About Andrew

Andrew Hamm is a visual artist and designer born and raised in central Virginia. His work has been seen in retail stores, on stage and film, at events, and in public spaces and private homes in New York City and throughout North America. He holds a B.A. in Architecture from the University of Virginia, where he learned construction as part of John Quale's ecoMOD program.

Andrew lives in Crown Heights, Brooklyn with his dog America and knows at least three jokes by heart.


Andrew Hamm Studio LLC is a full-service design and fabrication studio operating out of Bushwick, Brooklyn.


We design poetic solutions for objects and environments of both permanent and temporary use. We round out our knowledge with the utilization of a close network of expert interior, lighting, production, audio, graphic, print, and web designers.


We have the capacity for both small- and large-run production of furniture, millwork, sculptural objects, and scenic components. We handle wood, metal, and special finishes in the studio, and work intimately with vendors to provide everything else - from CNC-milled parts to hand-upholstered fabrics.


Andrew is available on an hourly basis to provide design, technical, and fabrication consulting for individuals and businesses with an emphasis on sustainable and efficient material usage. In addition, Andrew occasionally offers personalized courses in woodworking and 3D computer modeling.